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Planning a Hens Night: Dos and Dont’s to Follow

Hens nights are a time for fun, laughter and a good time for all–but they do take a bit of planning if you want them to go off without a hitch. If you’ll be planning a hens night in the near future, you should definitely consider the following important dos and donts for planning a […]

5 Things You Can Learn About Bridesmaids and Bachelorette Parties from ‘Bridesmaids the movie’

The movie Bridesmaids was a popular comedy which focused on a group of women who were joined together as Bridesmaids before the wedding of their friend. The film was hilarious and surprisingly sentimental; the film can also teach people a lot about life and in particular, the experience of bridesmaids as a whole. The following […]

Want a Unique Hens Night? Consider These Great Hens Night Themes

Sure, a hens night in sydney can just be a night on the town where you grab some drinks, dance, and head to a revue show that will have you cheering (and fibbing to your grandma about what you did over the weekend); but you can also create at truly memorable hens night by adopting […]

5 Tips for Picking Adult Entertainment on a Hens Night

One of the staples of a classy hens night is picking out some adult male entertainment! Adult male entertainment can include a wide range of options, and it’s best to understand how to pick the right entertainment for your needs–and for the ladies that will be attending the hens night event. The following are some […]

Hens Night Party Games You Won’t Want to Miss

A hens night party can be a fantastic time to get together, drink, dance–and celebrate the bride-to-be and her upcoming marriage. One of the most exciting aspects of any hens night party is the ability to indulge in games that will have everyone laughing until their sides hurt. If you are looking for some fun […]

6 Ways to Liven Up a Hens Party

Hens parties can be fun and exciting–as long as you know how to truly liven them up. If you want to have a fun, unforgettable hens night that will be one everyone’s mind for weeks (at least!) then you should consider the following 6 ways you can liven up a hens party with ease. Hire […]


Did our quiz get it right? Have we accurately predicted the type of hen party guest you might be? Whatever the case may be, a hen party can be a memorably fun gathering of friends. Take a moment to enjoy a close look at the types of guests you might find at a cheeky hen […]

Hens party Cocktail List, print this for your topless waiter.

Most girl’s love a cheeky cocktail, but nothing is worse than googling a recipe and wasting your time and money on creating alcoholic drain water… I mean unless you’re into that! In case you prefer the finer things in life, our Magic Men team have brainstormed their favourite concoctions for your next event… or even […]

What is the Difference between a hens and bachelorette party?

So what is the difference between a hens and bachelorette party? The short answer: NONE, the term hens is more common in the UK and bachelorette is more common in the U.S. Here’s what you’ve been looking for – all the inspiration and ideas you need to plan the perfect party! At Magic Men, it’s […]

Should you head out or stay in on a hens night?

Hosting a hens night at your place soon? We have put together the perfect package that will take all the stress out of organizing your next hens party in or even a hens night out. We’re well known for having the best male strip entertainment in Australia and now we’re all also packaging everything together […]