Review: Attipas Australia funky footwear

Little Ms R loves her shoes so she was the perfect candidate to road test the very funky toddler footwear from Attipas Australia.

The shoes are cute, comfy and practical. What I really like about them is how easy they are to put on. Just slip them on like a sock and your child is off and, well, running.

They’re light (and washable!) like socks too, but with a non-slip sole and all the support little feet need. The stretchy material will also snugly fit both chubby and not-so-chubby feet.

Animal Leopard is the latest feature style from Attipas Australia and it’s a fun print for both boys and girls to wear. Ms R has been happily stomping about in her pair for the past few weeks and every time she wears them other mums will always stop and ask me where I got them from from.

Here she is rocking her trendy new footwear:

Attipas toddler shoes

Attipas toddler shoes have been specifically designed to help infants learn to walk based on seven years of research by the University of Seoul in South Korea. They have also been given the tick of approval by Australian podiatrists.

Attipas shoes come in eight different styles and six sizes, suitable for kids aged from six months up to four-years-old. I think the ballet shoes might be one of my favourites… so cute!

You can pick up a pair for your little one from the Attipas Australia online store for $29.95


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  • Oh, how cute!! My little one has feet on the chubby side so for me a comfy and easy fit are the most important things, followed by cuteness factor and these shoes look perfect!!

  • Comfort and stability, so they can put their best foot forward. It also doesn’t hurt if the shoes are extra cute

  • I look for quality and style. Some that will last in order to save money and make a bold statement.

  • For my daughter I tend to look for colours and styles to match her favourite outfits. The Attipas ballet shoes look great as they’d go with just about anything 🙂

  • For me its more about what I don’t look for. Just the other day I saw toddler shoes with heels. HEELS! There are so many plastic, strappy, impractical shoes for toddler girls. Give me something sweet but sensible that they won’t trip themselves over in and I am there!

  • Comfort for sure. I’m happy to let them have a say, as long as it’s practical and long lasting than I’m happy.

  • Something sensible… with a hint of sass. Bright colours always tempt me – and I know there will be days in our future where only black will do – so I pick these out over anything more plain.

  • I look for shoes that will be comfortable from the start! I don’t want blisters on little sensitive feet!

  • Good fitting- so they’re stable and reduced chance of tripping of protruding soles etc
    Good looking- I’m a shoe fan and what my kids to wear smart shoes too.
    Hard wearing- hope they last for that growing period and maybe to pass them down.
    Breathing- I prefer natural products so their feet don’t sweat and smell.

  • Shoes have to fit 2 criteria: it has to look “cool” otherwise my kids won’t wear it and there goes money down the drain and secondly I have to approve that their feet are getting the support they need.

  • Safety is paramount and then the cute aspect comes into play (which is why Attipas gets my tick of approval big time).

  • I make sure you can bend them in half, and that they are nice and wide to fit in all my daughters delicious foot fat.

  • I definitely look for cute designs. I find nearly all kids shoes are comfy enough, so that’s not a big problem, but I can’t go past slippers that make their feet look like dinosaur feet, or animal prints on little runners! Of course price is always important too, so we definitely have many pairs of regular plain black slip ons!

  • I love colour! Just because I have a boy doesn’t mean he can’t experience all the fun colours of the world. So many boys shoes are blue, brown, black or licensed…far to serious for my liking 😉

  • My best friend swears by these shoes! I got a lot of shoes second hand for my daughter but I always look for comfort, fit and quality of make. Toddlers really give shoes a run for their money so it’s worth investing in good quality. Thankyou for the giveaway!

  • The perfect fit! I want my child’s feet to be supported and nurtured. just like a mother holding her newborn!

  • Quality, comfort and as I only buy one or two pairs per season (they grow out of them so fast) I look for something that will go with everything.

  • My son has really wide feet (like me) so the first thing I look for is the width of the shoe, followed by the quality and then the funkiness of them!

  • When bubs is learning to walk, it is important to buy suitable shoes otherwise you risk the chance of delaying that milestone…..Also has to be fashionable! 😉 x

  • I look for the quality because children are always running around and the last thing you want is the sole getting a hole in it and your child stepping on something and hurting their foot.

  • first I look for the correct style fits her foot and next has to be comfort you wear the shoes all day

  • I look for a brand that brings my daughter’s story to life by ensuring every step is supported and encouraged!

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