8 things you should never say to an angry woman

Understanding women is not really that difficult. There are things women like and there are things that really annoy us. Generally speaking though, if you see a woman who is angry, there are certain things you should never say, mostly this is for your own safety.

I would like to say women are generally a calm species and it takes a lot to get women angry. However, once women are angry, be careful what you say as it is like waking a sleeping bear in hibernation.

If you are in the company of a woman and you have noticed a little anger in the air, here are eight things you should never say:

Calm Down.

These are two words that should never be used together if you want to survive. In the height of anger, telling a woman to calm down is like telling her she cannot vent or let off steam. Saying calm down to a woman will not calm the situation, only aggravate it.


Who wants to be told to relax when you are so far from feeling relaxed and you just want to be angry? If you tell a woman to relax when she is fired up and angry, it will have the opposite effect.

You must have your period.

Anger doesn’t equal period – full stop. Sometimes women get angry when they have their period but maybe the anger is because of your behaviour, not her menstrual cycle.

Are you seriously going out in that?

You would think it is logical not to say this to a woman but these words are still heard today. Trying to juggle fat days, skinny days, period days and flat days means occasionally we make mistakes when it comes to choosing our outfits. Say it nicely or don’t say anything at all.


Well hello, do I really need to go into this one any further?

You sound like your mother.

Most women love their mums but we don’t want to think we actually sound like them. We remember growing up and hearing our mums talk and thinking ‘I would never say that’. We know we sound like them but you don’t have to remind us.

You eat a lot.

So what if I eat a lot? There are also days that I eat a little (some days but not often). When women are comfortable in their own skin, and for some this can take a lifetime of trying and failing, enjoying food makes us happy.

You’re crazy.

OK so maybe we are but if you want to survive the week, stop reminding us just how crazy we can be. Most women like to think of themselves as the ‘normal crazy’ woman, not like the really crazy women.

Now that you have a quick guide on what NOT to say to an angry woman, try saying something kind instead. Or perhaps just say nothing at all. Namaste.

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