5 Unique Christmas gift ideas for kids

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It’s that time of the year again. If you’re at the verge of panic, let us help you figure out some Christmas gift ideas for the kids.

It may be tempting to go through the rows and rows of plastic toys made in China. But this Christmas think about a different kind of gift for your kids. Maybe something more long term. Or perhaps something that will also nurture their interest.

Here are some ideas:

Coding voucher

Kids today are digital natives. They know technology the moment they understand how it works. Although there is a downside to too much exposure to screens, it doesn’t mean you can’t use that time for good too. If your child is into gaming, it might be worth sending them to a coding camp as a present. That way they learn and have fun at the same time.

Book vouchers

You can’t go wrong with books. Every child loves stories. You can pick the books depending on the type they like. It can be a funny one with lots of drawings or a chapter book that they’ve been eyeing. Plus, it will be a good companion during the holiday season. The voucher will be exciting as it gives them the freedom to buy the book they want.

Art set

Kids love to draw and express themselves. Invest in an art set that comes with a case. That way you not only give kids art tools, you can also put them all in one place. It’s fun and easy to tidy up. Win win!

An experience

If you’ve been planning a family holiday, use it to your advantage. Wrap a brochure of the place you’re going to and give that as a present. Aside from saving money, you can also use it as a teaching moment to let the kids know that the experience will last a lifetime. Especially compared to toys that will be pushed aside in a week or so.


Are your kids curious? Do they love asking how things are made or done? A scientific equipment or science kit might be the best Christmas gift for them. Think of stuff like microscopes, make your own crystals kit, stellarscope or a forensic science kit. Supporting their curiosity is good for them.

Enjoy shopping!

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