5 tips for staying motivated through winter

Amy Giannotti is a dietitian, sports dietitian, personal trainer, creator of “Amy’s Grains” and is about to open the doors of her café, “The Home of Nutrition”.

After just a year in the sport, Amy has also qualified for the Australian Age Group Triathlon Team where she will compete at the World Championships in Chicago this September.

Amy will be providing her top tips for maximising your training and performance with nutrition at the upcoming Australian Triathlon and Endurance Cycling Expo in Sydney, July 4-5.


Here Amy shares her top tips for staying motivated this winter with Her Collective.

Define your goals and create your pathway to success

When the sunshine peaks back through the clouds at the start of spring and then summer how to you want to feel, what do you want to have achieved?

If it is a weight loss, fitness, health, or career related goal you need to:

  1. Define your goal.
  2. Create a plan/pathway to achieving your goal.
  3. Think about how you will feel when you achieve this goal.
  4. How will you feel if you don’t achieve this goal?
  5. What barriers exist to achieving your goals?
  6. What actions can you put into place to prevent these barriers from achieving your goals?

Taking some time to answer these questions will help motivate you to taking the actions required to achieving your goal. You know how good you will feel if you achieve it and how bad or regretful you will if you don’t. You will understand barriers or challenges to achieving yours goals and be ready to combat these by implementing some actions or strategies. Make sure you write it down and refer to it regularly throughout the winter. Don’t be afraid to ask friends/family for advice for your barriers. Have a plan!

Obtain the “premium petrol” to support your goals and immune system

Eat from each of the five food groups and meet the recommended serves for your age and gender. Each food group (fruit, vegetables, grains, meat and alternatives and dairy and alternatives) is defined by providing different essential nutrients. For example, grains provide us with carbohydrate, fibre and B group vitamins for energy. Dairy provides us with calcium to support healthy bones. We need to eat these foods to obtain all of these nutrients to carry out vital functions in the body. If we lack the nutrients or skip food groups, it’s like lacking the tools and your body cannot work as efficiently. So maximise your daily energy, training and performance by obtaining all these tools and it will be like having premium petrol in the tank fuelling good health and supporting your goals. For more information on the food groups and recommended serves visit Eat For Health.

Warm and fuel your body first thing by enjoying a hot breakfast

My favourite is Amy’s Grains cooked with water in the microwave. I then add mixed berries, banana, goji berries, crushed nuts, milk and yoghurt. With a low GI, this provides long lasting energy to fuel my day and an array of vitamins and minerals to help support my immune system. Being a great source of protein, it helps maximise my training and performance and promotes a speedy recovery and of course is deliciously satisfying! It’s my favourite meal of the day!

For more info and recipes visit Amy’s Grains.

amy's grains

Invest in weatherproof fitness clothing

If you want to continue running outside over the wet and colder months, running gloves, a thick headband that covers and keeps your ears warm, compression long pants and tops are a lifesaver! When you plan to run outside and the cold is putting you off, make sure you’re well dressed and warm up inside with some dynamic stretches. This will help prevent injuries, warm the body up, and get the blood flowing and your mind ready to get moving! How your mood and motivation changes is amazing!

Have weather proof training options

If you only have “outside” as an option to train you will find you will have many excuses and be battling the mind game with the cycle of guilt and regret all winter. There are so many weatherproof activities with so many benefits. It’s a great chance to try something new, meet new people and continue to support your goals cross training. Some popular and accessible examples include hot yoga, pilates, indoor cycling, boxing, aerobics, group fitness, weight training in the gym, mixing up cardio equipment in the gym with interval training (e.g. 30 minutes made up of five minutes warm up then 10 x 1 min hard/one minute easy, five minutes cool down), indoor swimming or start a sport such as netball, basketball, or dancing. The list is endless! Write a list of options available to you and that you might want to try and if plan A was to run outside but you awake and it’s hailing – head indoors to plan B and work on your core strength, stability and flexibility in hot yoga.
What helps keep you motivated when it’s cold and dark outside?

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