5 natural energy boosters

Whether you’re a working mum, a stay at home mum, or a work-from-home mum, chances are you’re feeling run down and could do with a quick pick-me-up to boost your energy.

Most days I feel drained. And tired. Always tired. Especially after nights when the kids have their bed-hopping antics going on. Or I have had an extra glass (or two) of wine the night before.

I’m often in need of an energy fix or, by mid afternoon, I’m shattered.

I hate to feel lethargic when I am picking the kids up from school. I have missed them. I want to be upbeat and smiley. But when I’m feeling tired I get cranky. And no one likes a cranky tired mum.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been doing my best to avoid chocolate (I’m a fan of the not-so-natural varieties) and have been trying these natural energy boosters instead.


What I’d really love is a nap, but who has time for that? A HUGE cat like stretch is amazingly energising. A quick stretch is an easy,  fast and natural way to revive your energy. It works because stretching causes you to breathe deeply, bringing oxygen to your brain so, in effect, the stretching “wakes you up”. Stretching also releases toxins from the body’s tissues and stress from your muscles, so really you can think of this quick stretch as a mini yoga session. It will feel good. Try it. I just did.


Whilst it is almost instinctive to immediately reach for a quick coffee for a fast energy fix, this doesn’t work well for me. Later in the day I try to avoid caffeine as it interferes with my sleep later on. I’ve been opting for water or herbal tea instead. We all know that water and hydration is vital to feel (and look!) your best. A glass of cold water is literally an instant pick me up. Herbal tea has the same hydrating and energy power and even more so, if you choose an energising flavour like peppermint or lemon and ginger.

Grab an apple or banana

I know chocolate may seem more appealing, but let’s face it; it’ll only make you feel guilty later. So grab an apple or banana instead. Keep a full bowl of fresh fruit at home, or have a few apples in your bag, so you can grab a crunchy, all-natural energy hit when you need to.

Wash your face and hands, and brush your hair

If the kids are driving you mad, or if you feel really drained and exhausted, take a few deep breaths, and go to the bathroom. Breathe. Then take a minute and wash your hands and splash your face. Have a nice hand soap in the bathroom (a citrus one, perhaps) and get clean. Breathe. Moisturise. Brush your hair. Smile in the mirror. You will feel better, just by taking those small steps.


Whether it’s in the car, in the kitchen or to the Small Potatoes tune on the TV, on every level it can make you feel a little more energised and positive. Singing opens up the lungs and lets your body take in a little more oxygen, which will give you a burst of pure, natural energy. And of course, music in general is a wonderful mood lifter. Sing a little: it’ll make you smile.

How do you manage when your energy levels are low? 


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