5 fitness ideas for busy mums

Remember when your own mum used to say ‘there just aren’t enough hours in the day’? As a kid, you probably couldn’t get your head round that. I mean, who needs more than 24 hours each day? Well, now we bet you know exactly how she felt. With 3am feeds, dishes to scrub, clothes washing and a mountain of other chores on your never ending ‘To Do’ list, there’s little time to even think about exercise, let alone partake in it.

That said, a healthy body (along with, of course, a healthy mind) would go a long way to making that ever-expanding to do list a lot more manageable. With that in mind, we’ve put together five of our favourite fitness ideas busy mums can try (almost) any time of day.

Michelle Bridges – Michelle Bridges from TV’s The Biggest Loser is an absolute exercise DVD powerhouse and has a great go-to at-home program for mums who are rushed off their feet. Why? Each workout is split into five-minute sessions – ideal when you’re looking to snatch some time out of those 24 hours. You can give it a go while your little one’s down for their afternoon nap. Each five-minute session targets a different major muscle group (legs, chest, back, triceps, biceps and core). The DVD costs $23, making it a lot cheaper than that gym membership you won’t get time to use. If a five-minute muscle blast sounds too full on for you then you will be pleased to know that there are both high intensity and low intensity exercises. No more excuses!

A gentle jog in the park – Don’t want to feel the Michelle Bridges burn just yet? If you’re new to exercise or coming back to it after a post-maternity break, we don’t blame you. Instead, try a gentle jog in the park to ease yourself back into the swing of things. Convenient jogging strollers ensure you can get your daily exercise and take advantage of some quality time with your little one. Strollers like these have been designed with mums very much in mind; featuring a fixed wheel similar to the rear wheel on your bicycle, they’re ideal for parents serious about jogging.

The ultimate post-natal exercise regime – Not sure you’re ready to start pounding the pavements? Look no further than the mumafit app. Not only does the app cover post-natal exercises but also workouts for each trimester. The Mumafit app has been designed by Fiona Trewhitt; a devoted mum of three from Melbourne and Holistic Life and Wellness Coach. The app has been created for women who want their bodies to ‘look, feel and function better after childbirth’. It’s all about getting fitter and stronger not just physically, but emotionally too with a big focus on ‘putting yourself first’. Simply whip out your phone, open the app while your baby sleeps and start exercising.

Yoga with Katie Brown — Boasting an impressive list of qualifications (including being the NSW representative for Infant Massage Australia), Katie Brown is also a keen yogi and she’s created some fun yoga work outs that allows you to incorporate your baby into the work out. If you live in NSW, you can join one of her classes (she offers both pregnancy and post natal yoga classes). If not you can watch her DVD at home. Katie Brown teaches yoga in a fun, inspiring way, with handy hints and tricks. The key thing here, too, is that you need only minimal (if any) equipment to give it a go – just a comfy rug from which to bend your body into all sorts of shapes and poses. And exercising and baby bonding in one? It doesn’t get better than that.

Swimming – The really great thing about taking a dip in the local pool is that it’s an activity your child may take equal enjoyment from. Why not start by attending with a friend? The two of you can take it in turns to swim a few lengths while the other watches the little ones. It’s a simple yet effective way to get back into exercise when you’re really not feeling like it.

What are your easy fitness ideas?

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