5 easy sewing projects

Ever wanted to try your hand at sewing? Here are some very easy ideas you can start with. They’re useful, cute and good for those beginner’s hands.

Remote control caddy – This is handy for those pesky remote controls that keeps getting swallowed by the couch. Also, it may be a good spot to stash some emergency chocolates too.

Fox doll – This plush fox doll from A Beautiful Mess is very easy to finish. I mean, super easy! They look great for the lounge room and will make a very nice present.

fox doll

Pillowcase dress – This very easy pillowcase dress from Sew Like My Mom is perfect for summer. You can make heaps of this in one sitting! Buy fabrics on sale and some ribbon and voila! Summer dress for you and the kiddies.


Easy Kimono – This very light summer Kimono from LaurDIY is good to do by hand or by machine. Takes very little time to finish and looks amazing with most summer outfits.

No zipper cushion covers – This pattern by Sarah Bridger Design is one of my favourite ones because I am too lazy to do zippers. It means I can uniform the different sized cushion covers in my lounge room to match my ottoman cover and it can be done in one afternoon.


Do you have any great beginner sewing ideas to share? Link us up in the comments!

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