4MyEarth: Making your household greener

There are little things we can do to our household to make it more environmentally friendly. One is by making better choices with what we use for our kids’ lunchbox and for our kitchen.

4MyEarth products can help with these changes. The company aims to help reduce the use of plastic wraps and bags with high quality easy alternatives that are functional, practical and long lasting. These products are also ethically made with quality biodegradable materials.

Image from 4MyEarth.
Image from 4MyEarth.

For over seven years, I have used their sandwich wraps and snack packets for my daughter’s lunchbox at school. I don’t use the plastic ziplock bag that we only use once and then throw out, or even the brown paper bags that is also used once. The sandwich wraps and snack packets are PVC, BPA and nylon free. It is non-toxic, heavy metal free and Phthalate free. It can also be hand washed, machine washed or dishwasher washed.

My first batch of 4MyEarth lunchbox snack set is still around. I bought a new set when my daughter started school because we need it everyday now.

Image from 4MyEarth.
Image from 4MyEarth.

My other purchase was the food cover set. I wanted to move away from the plastic cling wraps we use to cover leftover food before putting in the fridge. Again, it can only be used once and it’s plastic. But the other options I found at the shops were also plastic.

Then I saw 4MyEarth’s food cover set. It is made from cotton canvas with biodegradable food safe coating. You only need to turn inside out to clean and hang up to dry. You can use it outdoors to cover food when you’re having a picnic.

Overall, I think their products are fantastic. And I’m glad I found the site a long time ago because I keep going back to it when I need more. Check the shop out for yourself.

Disclosure: We didn’t get any free products for this post. We just really super like it.

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