3 ways to get your groove on and be happy

As we chase the elusive idealistic lifestyle where happiness and freedom are oozing throughout every facet of our lives, it’s a mirage until we understand one simple concept.

An ancient philosophy called the Law Of Polarity.

If you imagine every part of your mind, body, thoughts and actions, everything has a vibration that is like a heartbeat. You send out a frequency and you get back exactly the same frequency you send out. Everything has flow, rhythm. The tide comes in and the tide goes out, it goes up and it comes down. We have summer, autumn, winter, spring, then summer arrives again.

It’s like when a pendulum swings, it goes back and forth and just at the point when it’s a about to swing back the other way, that’s where your truth lies. Everything has an opposite. Ultimately they are the same, just varying in degree. Where there is light, there is the potential of darkness. Where it is cold, there is the likelihood of warmth and hot.

Imagine every area in your life, career, health, money, love and happiness. Now in between those ends are varying degrees – your pulse if you will.

You can use your emotional guidance system to raise your frequency or pulse to push the lever up. See it rise, feel it rise and be in the frequency, then your physical experience can manifest it and make it happen. It’s like the rumble strip on the side of a highway. Negative feelings are there just to let us know when we are heading off track. Reach for a better thought, a better feeling and a better action.

Here are ways to inject some happiness into your life:

  1. Presentness and mindfulness – When you practice mindfulness and you’re present in the moment, you become emotionally resilient, extremely focused and extremely good at what you do. Living this way allows you to be in the moment and not get lost in the past, worry or daydream about the future. Instead, embody kindness, curiosity and acceptance of yourself and others. Think about how the world is changing, and it’s looking for amazing people, because everyone is looking for someone to serve them in some way. But for that to happen, we must remove the fog. It’s autopilot on steroids. Most people wake up and before they have even left their house they’re stressed, on edge and frustrated. They get to work and they’re stressed, on edge and frustrated. They get home and, yes, they’re stressed, on edge and frustrated.
  1. The ultimate connection – Connecting the physical body with the emotional body and the spirit body. To feel all sensations in your body, even the bad ones, without getting attached to them or wanting them to go away. To be aware of thoughts without believing they are the only version of the truth. To listen and feel your emotions and embrace whatever you feel at the time, even the unpleasant and the uncomfortable. People who are stressed, anxious or ignorant are unable to connect and feel any real emotions, or only the ones that the brain creates. Use your emotional guidance system. Having all emotions is perfectly normal – fear, anger, frustration and even rage. It’s what you do with it that counts. It’s just your body’s way of saying “You’re not aligned to this thought, this feeling or this action”. No drama. Reach for a better one.
  1. Kindness and compassion – This starts and ends with you. When you’re more compassionate towards yourself, others and situations, when you do this meticulously, you experience more love, deep love, laughter and happiness, better health and you improve the impact you contribute to the world. It’s about strengthening and training the mind to be stable so you can think clearly.

We have a choice. We can see the good in people and things or we can see the bad. Seeing the bad simply causes unnecessary stress and unhappiness. By seeing the good in things and people or just simply letting it be, allows us to realise that stress isn’t caused by situations, it’s caused by the thoughts we have towards it or them and how we react to them.

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3 ways to get your groove on and be happy

As we chase the elusive idealistic lifestyle where happiness and freedom are...
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  • My own personal happiness. Thinking positively makes a world of difference, and a healthy and clear mind is my goal for 2017.

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