3 Ways to Feel Amazing Without Makeup On

feel good without makeup

For some of us, stepping out of our home with zero makeup on is far more than stepping outside our comfort zone, it’s practically mission impossible! You might feel self-conscious, thinking that you’re unattractive and worried that you’ll run in to someone that you know.

Makeup is great. It gives you a chance to play around and express your individuality, but rest assured, you’re beautiful without it. You can choose to wear makeup when you feel like it, but you don’t need it to look or feel gorgeous.

Confidence is your secret weapon

Contrary to what you may believe, you don’t need makeup or a stunning outfit to look great. None of those two things can replace the confidence you exude as you walk down the street, bare your face with flaws and all. You are smart, witty, kind – you are more than a pretty face. Consider the following:

  • How many times have you heard people tell you that you look absolutely radiant when you feel great and joyful? Your positivity shines through and shows on your skin and you should always remember that your bare face is gorgeous.
  • Surround yourself with positive, empowering people and steer clear of toxic friendships that drag you down.
  • Empower others; compliment others and do it frequently. Not only will you make someone’s day, but when you’re kind and empowering, it’s a gift that always returns. When you give kindness it will come back to you.
  • Walk like you own the streets, smile at random strangers and keep your head and shoulders high. Laugh with that childlike enthusiasm and joy.
  • Love. Just love everyone around you and don’t forget to tell them that as often as possible. People who love receive love and nothing is a greater confidence booster than that pure feeling.

Skincare is your number one priority

Covering your imperfections with tonnes of makeup is definitely not the route to take, especially because heavy foundation can actually be counter-effective and cause inflammation and further irritation. Instead, place focus on nourishing your skin so it shines from within.

  • Always use a great cleanser suitable for your skin type;
  • Never skip on moisturiser, preferably one with a high SPF, because sun protection is no game;
  • Find a great face mask for your skin type and make it your guest star two to three times a week;
  • Exfoliate in moderation (also no more than three times a week) to get rid of dead cells and promote new cell production;
  • Start your mornings by splashing your face with cold water to cleanse the skin naturally and help minimise pores.

Great hair does care!

Having a great hair day is an amazing confidence booster, so why not make every day great hair day? Healthy hair equals amazing hair, so keep it clean and get it trimmed every so often to promote healthy growth. Other things you can do include:

  • Hair masks every now and then to show extra love and devotion to your locks
  • Pamper yourself occasionally by paying a visit to your stylist for a nourishing treatment
  • Let your natural colour grow out. Going au naturel is the best!

To wrap up – exercise confidence, it’s your key weapon. Committing to a great skincare regimen is next in line – who needs to hide behind makeup when you have gorgeous healthy skin? Shiny hair that stops traffic never hurts. So walk with your head held high and feel amazing in your bare skin.

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3 Ways to Feel Amazing Without Makeup On

For some of us, stepping out of our home with zero makeup...
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