3 Things you can do with unwanted presents

unwanted presents

The holiday is over and you are sorting through the presents. It’s okay to say that there are gifts you don’t like. We all get them. Maybe the kids got two of the same things or they already had one for their birthday. Whatever the reason, here are 3 things you can do with unwanted presents.


This is the most altruistic thing you can do after the holiday season. Just because the season of giving is already finished, doesn’t mean you don’t have to give anymore. Instead of placing them on the charity bins around the area, why not do something else? For books, place them in one of those public book stands. If they are toys, take them to the nearby children’s hospital. For clothes, visit your local op shop. If you have kitchen appliances or little knick knacks, you can keep it aside for your kids’ school fetes. Or maybe for an organisation’s charity drive.

Return to the shop

If you have receipts with the presents, that’s a bonus. You can return the present to the shop and get something else. Or maybe get a store credit for the item. But make sure that the item you replace it with is actually something you love. If it ends up stuck in your closet for months and months, then that’s not a good purchase. If you get enough store credits, maybe you can buy something that you can share with the gift giver. That way they don’t feel too bad that you returned their present.

Regift or sell

Sounds cheeky doesn’t it? This is one of those debatable things. Either you’re for it or against it. Selling gifts you got for Christmas may seem rude but it is becoming more acceptable. Rather than locking up the present in a drawer somewhere, it’s better if you do something with it. Otherwise it’ll just end up in one of the boxes in your garage. Just make sure that you remember who gave it to you so you don’t’ give it to the same person! If you want to sell them, you can use sites like Gumtree or eBay.


What do you do with your unwanted gifts?

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