3 simple ways to keep family life organised

Life is one big juggling act right now. Three kids aged three to seven years old, school, homework, sport, a business to run. Oh, and we are selling our home.

As the mother of three young children, one of the key things that keeps me sane in life is being organised and having systems in place to keep track of what everyone needs to be doing.

I want to share with you the three simple things that make the biggest difference to me when it comes to keeping family life organised.

  1. Weekly overview

Each term I create a basic spreadsheet where I mark up the regular family activities. This gets stuck up on the fridge so that everyone can see the shape of our week. It is especially helpful in keeping my husband and I accountable to the time set aside for own exercise.

The current one looks like this:

Family schedule May2015

  1. Electronic calendar

This is my “hub” but I am the only one who uses it. Every appointment, task, reminder is in here for both my personal life and my business. The calendar synchronises between my phone and PC so no matter where I am I can see what I have on.

I know other families that use things like Google Calendars to share and link calendars allowing parents to manage family life between them more easily. It works brilliantly for them. My husband has never adopted things like Gmail, Facebook, or cloud based programs so this wouldn’t work in my house.

  1. Monthly planner

Because I am the “chief planner/organiser” in the family I became frustrated with being the only person who knew what was happening and when (all in my online calendar). I decided to introduce a monthly planner to our fridge which would list major events impacting the family. School holidays, when my husband is interstate for work, school concerts, birthday parties and so forth.

Month planner

Now my husband and my eldest child (the only one who can read) can independently see what is coming up without constantly asking me. I also like being able to get a quick visual overview of life without needing my computer.

A GIFT FOR YOU: I have created a beautiful weekly planner for you to download. You might like to put it on your fridge or use it on your desk. As well as giving you something to keep track of weekly activities I have included some special self-care prompts. After all, as mothers we often forget to include our own needs in the planning!

Click HERE to download via 5 Minutes 4 Mum. I hope you enjoy!

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