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It was my son’s tenth birthday last week and I found it really tricky to decide what to get him for his birthday. Not only did we have to decide what to get him, all of his friends’ parents kept asking me what to get him too!

Freshly into double digits, Master O. has well and truly graduated from the toy aisle, but is still at an age where he loves to wake up and rip into a pile of presents first thing in the morning.

See what to get a kid that doesn’t really need or want anything?

A 10-year-old boy birthday present wish list

The age of the gift card

As a 10-year-old, my son is very much moving into gift card territory. For his birthday the one thing he wanted was an iTunes card so he could buy more gems for Clash of Clans. Personally I consider spending money to fund your online gaming habits as an obscene waste of money, but I like the idea of giving gift cards to stores like Rebel or Big W so kids can pick something they actually want.

Show me the money

My parents gave Master O. a birthday card with a crisp, clean $100 note inside it. He gave such a gorgeously goofy grin when he opened his card and the money fluttered out. The thought of what that $100 note could buy was way more exciting for him than opening what $100 had already bought.

A few of his friends gave him money for his birthday present as well which is a nice idea if your child is saving up for a big ticket item like a bike, surfboard or skateboard.

Smiggle – the perennial favourite

My boys spend as much time sniffing and scribbling and discovering in Smiggle stores as girls do. While the boy-skewed range in Smiggle isn’t as big as the girls, Smiggle has a lot on offer for boys of all ages. I often buy presents for my kids, as well as their friends, from Smiggle. My 10-year-old was pretty chuffed with their skateboard erasers, lockable notebook, wheelie bin markers, spike rainbow pen and sticker pack:

10 year old boy birthday present

The ‘it’ gadget of the moment

The Fidget Spinner craze is starting to fade, but my son was still happy to get a shiny new spider-shaped fidget spinner for his birthday. If it isn’t a Fidget Spinner, its can be any other ‘it’ gadget of the moment like BeyBlades, or a retro gadget like a Rubik’s Cube 


My ten-year-old is an avid reader. However its hard to buy him books as he already has the latest Harry Potter, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Treehouse books, but if there is a new release in one of these titles its a winner

Ball sports

My ten-year-old is super active and a good football (soccer) player so we bought him some new shin pads and skins. A bit on the practical side, but its what he is into right now. Boys this age – if they are anything like mine – are also always in need of new handballs as well as footballs and rugby league balls.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

My kids have been playing FNAF for over a year now and I have just noticed there is now a merchandise range in some gamer stores and Kmart. My 10-year-old was pretty chuffed with this figurine set:

10 year old boy birthday present

Classic Board Games

As a ten-year-old my son has the intellect and emotional resilience to play and enjoy games like Monopoly, Game of Life, Mastermind, Battleship and Scrabble. Classic board games like these are great presents as the whole family can play and you can bring them out every few months basically forever!


Boys love emojis. A gave my son a pair of emoji thongs and he LOVES them. He also has emoji stickers, PJs and an emoji pillow.. Enough said really. With the Emoji movie there is bound to be loads of different emoji merchandise coming out. City Beach alway has great things on offer to for kids as part of their accessories range.


Its nice to give kids an experience gift, like taking them to the movies or going for a family game of bowling or out to dinner at the restaurant of their choice. Its become a bit of a family tradition that the birthday boy or girl can go wherever they like for dinner and its something they really look forward to. And now that my son is already 10 its these special family moments that I treasure most.

Disclosure: Smiggle sent me a few things to review, but I still bought the notebook and erasers as they are so cool! All other brand mentions are mentioned because that’s what my son is in to right now 🙂

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