10 tips for instant stress relief

Being a mum there is sometimes just no escape! The stress levels rise and you start to feel out of control. Finding stress relief when you can’t get a minute to yourself is hard, but I think the key is to take a couple of relief measures before you start to feel overwhelmed. It can make all the difference.

Top 10 instant stress relievers

  1. Have a cup of tea – Make a cup of tea and sit down and relax for a few minutes. Try a herbal tea or a flavoured tea to perk you up, relax and refresh.
  2. Call a friendHow good are friends?! Calling a friend just to say hi can be a great break in the day. Friends are great for letting you get it all off your chest. Or call your partner or a family member. Whoever makes you smile and you know understands.
  3. Hug someone – Like you hug your kids when they need it, sometimes you just need a hug too. Give your kids a big hug or your partner or even the dog or cat!
  4. Deep breath – Stop whatever it is and just concentrate on your breathing for a bit. Sit down, concentrate on breathing in and out slowly, calm deep breaths. It will be okay.
  5. Play some calming music – Turn off the talkback radio or the TV and pop on a CD or turn the radio over to a classical station. Just listen for a little while. Playing some calm and relaxing music in the car instead of the boppy kids music all the time is much more relaxing and less stressful. They also tend not to get stuck in your head!
  6. Meditate – Take the breathing to the next level. If I’ve had a stressful day, that night before I try and go to sleep I will lay in bed and concentrate in relaxing every part of my body, the head, eyes and neck. Relax the shoulders arms, hands, stomach, hips, all the way down to my toes. Guaranteed I feel so much better and sleep better than the little tension ball I was 10 minutes earlier. Find some meditation movements that work for you and remember to use them.
  7. Use essential oils – Oils like Marjoram, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Chamomile, Orange and Lavender have all been used as stress relievers. Check where you purchase on how to use. I find Lavender great for relaxing and clearing of the mind. Things are often less stressful when you can think straight!
  8. Go outside – Take a break. Go sit out in the sunshine or take a walk to the park. Even checking the mail or taking the washing off the line can be a break in the current situation or a mental break in a stressful moment.
  9. Exercise – Whether you like to go for a walk, pop on an aerobic dvd, yoga class or smash it out on the cross trainer at the gym. Exercise can be a great way to relieve stress, release some happy hormones and get the body muscles moving.
  10. Write it down and plan it out – What’s stressing you out? Write it down, write it ALL down. If it’s not worth writing down, is it worth stressing you out? Making a list of everything can help relieve the stress. Making a plan or an action list can help you get through everything one step at a time. Sometimes the act of writing down what’s bothering you is enough to sort the stress out itself.

Women tend to worry more than men. We seem to take on lots of worries big and small and collect them. Stress ourselves out! Sometimes the little things just collect up and turn into one big thing. Take some time to de-stress. Think about some of your worries. Are they really worries? Can you let some stress go?

How do you manage your stress levels?

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