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how to shop like a stylist

How to shop like a stylist


I like to people watch when I’m at the shops, and what I notice when doing so is the amount of people shopping for clothing that don’t actually touch the clothes, and instead walk on to the next store because they felt there was nothing in there that suited them….

organise your workspace

Eternal sunshine of the spotless desk


Did you now a cluttered working environment can stress you out more than the actual workload? Life as a working mum can be overwhelming enough without creating even more stress so, thanks to Officeworks, we’re sharing insider tips on how to take control of your workspace and open up a whole new world of…

Why I like being a WAHM


I don’t want to go back to full time work. There. I’ve said it. Now feminists can roll in their graves, or come back as zombies to eat my brain. But then again, isn’t being a work-at-home-mum (WAHM) a feminist thing to do anyway? I never thought I’d be the…

Why are there so few women in IT?


There are fewer and fewer women entering the Information, Communication and Technology industry. It’s a problem that’s been going on for years and years and still continues to this day. Here Catriona Walkerden, marketing lead at Females in IT and Telecommunications (FITT) Management Committee, talks about the reasons behind this issue…

Don’t be a martyr


Martyrs drive me nuts. But I have a confession to make: I may be the worst of them. (I even made myself sick with it last year.) Some people think mother comes from the word martyr and that, as a result, we are somehow politically required to crucify ourselves every…