Why my PND was a blessing in disguise


“I think there’s something wrong with me,” I whispered to the doctor. Fists clenched, head pounding, I felt so drained. An hour earlier, following what I can only describe as a minor breakdown, I’d picked up my keys and wallet and walked out of the house. Past my husband, past…

eat to beat cholesterol

Eat to beat cholesterol


We’ve been chatting to Nicole Senior and Veronica Cuskelly, the authors of Eat to Beat Cholesterol, about the easiest ways to lower your cholesterol. Their vision is to help make healthy living a reality by sharing recipes, daily menus and shopping tips to ensure you get your daily quota of heart-friendly food. Did you…

A triathlon at 40


I ventured into the world of blogging nearly four years ago as I was verging on the big Four Oooooh Birthday. I was already reasonably fit but felt the need for some new challenges. Even after losing 25 kg (through lapband surgery) I was still considered “extremely” obese with a BMI…

Recipe ebook for easy school lunches


Having a hard time thinking of healthy and easy school lunchbox ideas for your kids? Well, this ebook is going to be a great source of inspiration. With the help of some school mum bloggers, Steggles has come up with some new recipes for you to try out. They are easy, delicious…

The trials of premature menopause


‘Are you … um … are you okay?’ my gyno asked me hesitantly as she eyed me over. I think she expected me to have some sort of emotional breakdown. ‘Some women take the news … well, it can be upsetting,’ she trailed off. I smiled and shrugged my shoulders…

What to do after a girls’ only holiday


So, you’ve left your family behind with your children presumably in the care of your partner (though my husband has outsourced this to grandparents on occasion) while you indulge yourself in some sans-children living. Where going to the toilet happens by yourself. Where you can use your phone freely without…