benefits of lazy parenting

The benefits of lazy parenting


For a long time I thought I was the laziest parent ever. This was surprising even to my own mother given that we were raised quite differently. What do I mean by ‘lazy parent’ exactly? Well, it doesn’t mean leaving my child on the sidewalk begging for food because I…

feel good without makeup

3 Ways to Feel Amazing Without Makeup On


For some of us, stepping out of our home with zero makeup on is far more than stepping outside our comfort zone, it’s practically mission impossible! You might feel self-conscious, thinking that you’re unattractive and worried that you’ll run in to someone that you know. Makeup is great. It gives…

camping with pets

Tips for camping with pets


Camping is one of the best outdoor recreations aside from climbing and canyoning that provides serenity with nature and with your companions while staying in a tent, an RV, or even a caravan. If you have your pets with you, especially dogs, then camping is a wonderful experience for deeper…

kid-friendly garden

8 Tips for a Kid-Friendly garden


With so many fun gadgets and devices, it can be quite hard to get your kids to play outdoors. One great way to help swap screen time for green time is to make your garden interesting for them to play in. You need to lure them in. First of all, you…