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how to survive a crappy family holiday

How to survive a crappy family holiday


Are you envious of those picture perfect holiday Instagram posts of families on holiday? You wish your family were the same. You want your family to have that same happiness-frozen-on-Instagram moment. But what you don’t see in those family holiday Instagram shots are the hundreds of other imperfect shots filling…

My black dog


About 15 years ago I was walking home from school when a stray black dog started to follow me. He looked as though no one cared for him; mangy, unwashed and rather ugly. I tried to shoo him away but he persisted and followed me all the way home. I don’t…

The Guide to Finding Yourself Again


There is a generation of women who feel as if they are coming last in every aspect of their lives. Their days are filled with the heaviness of looking after everyone else. The concept of self-care or ‘me time’ feels like a cruel luxury only celebrities and the Instagram It-Girls…