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emotional eating

7 ways to stop emotional eating


Emotional eating is a fact of life these days. Our bodies have become too familiar with the abundance of yummy foods, and most of us have lost the ability to eat only when we are physically hungry. Think about it… When was the last time you felt truly hungry? When…

family memory jar

Capture the magic with a family memory jar


The thing that really took me by surprise after the birth of my third, let alone fourth baby was how quickly the days passed. There was no time left to really soak up those precious early weeks and months as my toddler and preschooler were also competing for my attention and there’s…

Stuff no one told me about having kids


Before I had children, so many people told me that it is simply impossible to prepare yourself for parenthood. You can think you know what parenting will be, you can read all the websites, all the books, watch all the videos, attend all the seminars, but you still will have…