Gender Disappointment

Gender disappointment? Really?


I had never even heard the term ‘gender disappointment’ until I was pregnant with my third son. I knew I was having another boy. But no one else did. Not even my husband. He knew that I knew what we were having, but he didn’t want to know. He’s got…

My daughter is my teacher


When I was pregnant I knew my life was going to change after I had my baby. I expected sleepless nights, endless nappy changes, hours of crying and never being able to do anything alone again. I expected hormone changes. I expected to fall overwhelmingly in love with my baby….

You are worth it


Why do I feel useless even if I know I’m not? Why do I feel like I need to be earning to feel like I’m contributing to the household? Why do I have the urge to find something to earn from – anything, so I can feel like I have…

Childcare and mothers in the news, again


Childcare and mothers in the workforce was quite a popular topic during April. Okay, when is it never a popular (read: controversial) topic? With the impending release of the Government’s Family and Childcare Package due to be announced in May, commentary has been aplenty. I’ve been tracking the articles that…

Make it Mother’s Day everyday


Being a mum is the best thing in the world. It’s also a 24/7 job. While we wish all of our lovely readers a very happy Mother’s Day, we also want to make sure you dedicate some time and self-love to yourself everyday. Not just today. Because you know what? You really…

The school holidays that broke me


Because school holidays are all about having fancy drinks at the beach. Says no mother ever. I enjoy the school holidays, I really do. I enjoy my life not revolving around 9am to 3pm. I awoke on the first day of school hols feeling refreshed and excited at all of…