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My kid hates taking medicine: A guide


A peril of parenting I wasn’t expecting was the battle that was to come should my child require medication for any reason when they’re ill. I mean, you read about it, it’s not actually a secret that some kids dislike taking medicines. It was just one of those things that…

The fog of motherhood


We’ve all heard the expression, The Fog of War. The lack of clarity replaced by chaos, uncertainty in our own capabilities when you’re right in the middle of it. Sound familiar? We should re-appropriate that term for motherhood. The Fog of Motherhood. Now I’m being deliberate in saying “Motherhood” and…

Ask Her: How to get your mojo back


Editor’s note: Her Collective is opening its doors to questions from all women. It can be about relationships, trauma, love, life, motherhood and more. You can remain anonymous, of course. We promise not to reveal your information. For our first Ask Her column, clinical psychologist Dr Lissa Johnson – who specialises in therapy, treatment,…

Is feminism another F-word?


The dictionary definition does not seem that inflammatory. Why is it that so many women these days, of all ages and backgrounds, do not want to associate themselves with THAT word? Watching Judith Lucy’s “All Woman” the other night I noticed that when Julie Bishop was asked if she was…

Tracey Spicer: On life and motherhood


Tracey Spicer is a household name in Australia, best known for being a veteran journalist and TV presenter. More importantly, she is also a mum and a very strong advocate for women’s rights. Here, Her Collective asks Tracey how she juggles motherhood and why she said cock a lot on…