support child learning at home

How to support your child’s learning at home


One of the most common questions parents ask me as an Early Years Teacher is “What can we do to help our child ‘s learning at home?”. Whether it be reading, writing, spelling or mathematics, whether the child is excelling, struggling or simply cruising along, there are always things you can…

phone addiciton

Tips to break your phone addiction


We live in an age where almost everybody owns a smart phone. We use emails to communicate and social media to connect. Phones and social media may be what some would call a ‘necessary evil’. We need our phones and that’s a fact. But how do you know if you’re…

The moments that matter


Life is made up of moments. Some that are forgotten nearly as quickly as they occur while others take your breath away and stay with you for the rest of your days. These moments, the ones that you commit to memory and hold onto forever, these are the ones that…

how unschooling worked for me

How unschooling worked for me


Sixteen years ago I gave birth to the most precious little bundle of joy anyone could be blessed with. OK, so already it’s pretty obvious that I’m a normal, run of the mill, totally biased parent. A mum to a teenage son to be precise. Like most adoring parents I…

My black dog


About 15 years ago I was walking home from school when a stray black dog started to follow me. He looked as though no one cared for him; mangy, unwashed and rather ugly. I tried to shoo him away but he persisted and followed me all the way home. I don’t…