Blitz Nitz Spray & Go

The easy way to Blitz Nitz


Sadly, this kind of conversation in school mum Facebook groups is all too familiar: “Unfortunately the nit saga continues ☹️ Jess has a small case of nits again despite being treated on Thursday. Please check your children’s hair.  This is the 4th time I’ve had to treat the girls in the past…

Should you let your kids play Pokemon Go

Should You Let Your Kids Play Pokémon GO?


More and more children are downloading Pokémon GO. The latest incarnation of the favourite card game still features loveable Pikachu and friends, but the trending app now gives users a more intimate and immersive experience via their digital devices and smartphones. It won’t be long before your kids are begging to join in on…

Calmsley Hill Farm

Calmsley Hill Farm: Family fun in Sydney


I have fond memories of staying on my uncle’s farm when I was a kid: Milking cows, riding horses, going on a tractor ride to pick  corn. Visiting Calmsley Hill Farm has been the closest I’ve come to reliving these authentic farm experiences from my childhood. There’s something wonderfully wholesome…

Chooze shoes Australia review

Chooze Shoes Australia review


If there is one thing I love, it’s bright and colourful clothes for kids. I especially love little ones in a chaotic mix of colours… Like the fun outfits the Play School presenters like to wear. So it’s no surprise I’ve fallen in love with Chooze Shoes Australia. What’s not…

Elmo’s Super Fun Hero Show


Its show time! The loveable Sesame Street gang are coming to Australia this November with their new live-on-stage adventure, Sesame Street presents Elmo’s Super Fun Hero Show. Tickets are now on sale at In the show, Elmo and the Sesame Street gang are on a mission… Super Sparkleheart, a cheerful caped visitor, takes the friends…

Subway KidsPak Finding Dory movie packs


Yesterday we had the chance to attend an exclusive screening of Finding Dory thanks to Subway Australia. I think I was even more excited than the kids! It’s hard to believe it’s been 13 years since Nemo first swam across our screens and into our hearts. The latest underwater adventure…

Let my child fall


We have recently moved from Sydney to Waiheke Island, New Zealand with our three young children. We now live in a place where children are encouraged to explore their physical boundaries. Risks are accepted, embraced, but with boundaries. I recall the specific moment last year where I became really excited…