Two girls and a brewery


Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen have known each other for a long time but it was a trip to the West Coast, US in 2010 that made them realise their love of beer. The trip planted the seed to own a brewing company and six months later, Two Birds Brewing was…

how to be a happy mum

How to be a happy mum


The best thing you can do for your kids is to be a happy mum. But to do so you have to make yourself a priority. Relationship experts would argue that the order should be self, marriage and then kids. If you put yourself last too often you can end…

Be more than the media


It is the new year and with it comes the litany of New Year’s resolutions very few people end up keeping. I know. I am one of them. But with the new year also comes wisdom and here at Her Collective we hope to share some of these with our…

family memory jar

Capture the magic with a family memory jar


The thing that really took me by surprise after the birth of my third, let alone fourth baby was how quickly the days passed. There was no time left to really soak up those precious early weeks and months as my toddler and preschooler were also competing for my attention and there’s…

how to shop like a stylist

How to shop like a stylist


I like to people watch when I’m at the shops, and what I notice when doing so is the amount of people shopping for clothing that don’t actually touch the clothes, and instead walk on to the next store because they felt there was nothing in there that suited them….