lunchbox ideas

School lunchbox recipes


Thinking of healthy and easy school lunchbox ideas can be exhausting. How many times can you repeat the same thing until it gets old? It can get really tempting to reach for the unhealthy options. But before you give up, check out this handy helper from Steggles. Steggles has come…

Caveman Food review


What do you do when you want to eat a Paleo diet but need a convenient way of doing it? Make your own ahead of time (aka meal prep) and organise it in the freezer for your daily convenience. If you just rolled your eyes, then maybe Caveman Food is…

Supercharged Food for Kids review


Having a hard time giving your kids healthy meals they will like? Welcome to the club. Bestselling wellness author, Lee Holmes, has turned her attention to creating nutrition-packed meals for kids. Her book Supercharged Food for Kids is Lee’s mission to change the way children eat so we can build…

Healthy snacks for kids

Whole Kids review


I don’t know about you, but I am forever on the lookout for healthy snacks for the kids. I always have very good intentions of Sunday bake-offs to keep my kids well supplied with natural, homemade natural goodness, but I never make (find?) the time. The challenge for me is to find…

No Pong review


What do you do when your kids’ armpits stink after an active day at school? Not normal deodorant from the shops. You have no idea what chemicals are in them. Deodorants and antiperspirants often have metal in their mixture. Having something safe and all natural, like No Pong can come…

That thyroid problem


Tired? Gaining weight when you used to be slim? Depressed? It might be a thyroid problem. Yes, that thyroid problem. You probably know someone who has a form of thyroid problem or two. You probably have it yourself but you just don’t know it yet. Her Collective talked to Lucy…

Parents not giving kids low sugar options


The whole world is starting to get the message that sugar isn’t good for us. But the most bewildering thing is that although most adults are opting for low- and no-sugar products for themselves, they’re not really doing the same thing for their kids. A recent survey by DSM Global…