Ekoworx review

Ekoworx review and GIVEAWAY


I’ve just met my cleaning product of choice for life. You might have seen it on Facebook. Ekoworx is the child of two dads, Adam and Justin, from Bondi Beach. After spotting an awesome commercial cleaning system in Japan, Adam decided to work with the clever UNSW Green Chemistry team….

Good Green Box review

Good Green Box Review


At the beginning of this year, one of my new year’s resolutions was to change my cosmetics and skin care products to all natural. It was something I started doing for my daughter and decided to continue with me. The problem with this change is that I didn’t want to…

The Sway review

Keep fruit and veggies fresh with The Swag


It is fantastic when someone comes up with a solution for household problems that is also environmentally friendly. The problem: Since buying organic fruits and veggies it frustrates me even more when they end up unconsumed and rotten in the fridge. Because, let’s face it, not all of us have…

4MyEarth: Making your household greener


There are little things we can do to our household to make it more environmentally friendly. One is by making better choices with what we use for our kids’ lunchbox and for our kitchen. 4MyEarth products can help with these changes. The company aims to help reduce the use of…

How to host a green birthday party


At the end of birthday parties bins can bulge with cheap disposable items. Tablecloths gathered at each corner and entire spreads bundled and binned whether items where ‘used’ or not. The focus of course – convenience. There is a more sustainable approach. But bubbles, party hats and confetti are fun!…

Living a zero waste lifestyle with a family of 5


Zero waste is a movement that is gaining traction around the globe. Bloggers, activists, suburban housewives and trendy New Yorkers are actively excited about reducing their environmental footprint by producing no waste. I know, zero waste, what does that even mean? These zero wasters are creating just one jar full…