Have fabulous skin this Spring

Have fabulous skin this spring

As the rest of the world is slowly getting ready for the cold season, the lovely Land Down Under is taking its first spring steps! And while that’s more than enough to make any gal leap with joy, our skin needs a backup plan, and a boost to get ready to ditch its winter coat.

If you aren’t sure what to do during these transitioning days, the following list is all you need to craft your own routine that will prep your complexion for the lovely sunny months!

Scrub off the residues of winter

Have fabulous skin this spring

You’ve spent the last few months (hopefully) slathering your face and your body with rich, nourishing lotions, serums and creams, spending days on end in fluffy sweaters and coats. All that is soon to be over, but piles of deceased (may they rest in peace) skin cells, and layers of thick products are still persistently there – until, that is, you bring out your trusty scrubs! That is the first rule of having fabulous skin this spring. You need to find a suitable, skin-friendly exfoliator to reveal your fresh spring complexion and rid your body of the winter buildup. If your skin is extra oily, you might want to choose a charcoal-based exfoliator, while those with normal skin can go for something lighter, such as pomegranate or coffee, while the easily-irritated types can use a touch of nourishment, and honey is always an excellent choice.

Go light with your moisturiser

Have fabulous skin this spring

Harsh winter winds combined with low temperatures have surely done a number on your cheeks, so you’ve used something creamy and oily to compensate for the dryness. However, hydration is no less important when spring comes, not to mention summer and sultry days at the beach! That’s why you need to change up your bathroom cabinet for a lighter version of your moisturisers. Protect and pamper your skin with less density in terms of texture (for instance, in the form of gel), and that contain similar, if not the same beneficial ingredients as your winter creams. However, if you know that another combo will do you good, you can always go for lotions that contain antioxidants and built-in sun protection.

Ease up on the makeup

Have fabulous skin this spring

Winter might be perfect to try out that new protective foundation or test the waters with a whole slew of highlighters, but spring and summer call for a more natural look. For makeup-addicts that doesn’t mean you should entirely ditch your precious collection, au contraire! But perhaps using less product and choosing more appropriate shades with gentle ingredients will serve your complexion well. Less loud, but equally stunning, mineral-based Nude by Nature items are a perfect way to pamper your skin with all the right goodies (antioxidants from Kakadu plum, jojoba oil and the famous wrinkle-repellant, green tea).

Just a touch of shimmering eyeshadow, a skin-colored eye pencil or some rose on your cheeks, and you’re good to go, keeping your inner fashionista satisfied, and your skin burden-free!

Tan wisely

Have fabulous skin this spring

If anyone knows, it’s us Aussie girls who spend days on end basking in the sun as soon as the weather becomes beach-friendly – the sun-kissed look has a very high price if you don’t know how to rock it right. Sure, you’ve found that two-in-one moisturiser for your face, but when the sun gets too pesky, you’ll need some extra support to ward off the dangerous UV rays. No need to overwhelm your skin with chemicals, though. Minerals and healthy substitutes once again step in to save the day, as you can now go for equally effective, yet all-natural sunscreens such as Badger or Goddess Garden, among many other zinc-oxide-infused products that boast a chemical-free label.

These simple, yet refreshing choices can make all the difference in keeping your skin healthy, and getting it good and ready for the spring and summer heat. Wipe off the winter gloom, it’s high time for a spring in your step!

Mia Taylor is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Sydney and writer for www.highstylife.com. She loves writing about her life experiences. Travelling and enjoying other cultures and their food with her husband is a big part of her life. She is always on the lookout for new trends in fashion and beauty, and considers herself an expert when it comes to lifestyle tips.

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Have fabulous skin this Spring

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