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light bladder leakage

Say goodbye to light bladder leakage


Raise your hand if you get nervous when you sneeze, cough or jump on a trampoline. One of the joys of being a mum is the possibility of having to deal with light bladder leakage or LBL. It affects 1 in 3 women and around 50% of Australian women aged 45-59 years of…


OMGYes – What it is and why you need it now


If you haven’t seen that video of Emma Watson mentioning the website, OMGYes then let me explain what it is. The website advertises itself as one that lifts the veil on women’s sexual pleasure. “Constantly explore new ways to increase pleasure based in new research, videos and simulations. Knowledge for…

emotional eating

7 ways to stop emotional eating


Emotional eating is a fact of life these days. Our bodies have become too familiar with the abundance of yummy foods, and most of us have lost the ability to eat only when we are physically hungry. Think about it… When was the last time you felt truly hungry? When…

what not to say to the parents of a disabled child

What not to say to the parents of a disabled child


Our daughter has special needs. Yes, special needs. She is no more special than your child but her needs will greatly out number your ‘normal’ child’s needs. You may choose to call her other words but for future reference, ‘special needs’ is the pick of the bunch, covering a broad…

work life balance

Work life balance – 5 ways to make it a reality


Work life balance is that delicate seesaw of career and home life, of work involvement and family commitment, teetering on the pivot of your mental well-being. We all end up facing stressful situations, day in, day out. It’s inevitable. The key – however – is how self-aware we are: how…

modern lifestyle

Is the modern lifestyle ruining your life?


Life is busy, I get that. Everyone has things they want to achieve and not enough time to achieve it. Our modern lifestyle, especially for women, has become a never-ending race to be everything for everyone at all times but it could be ruining your life. Women have fought hard…

an accidental home birth

The tale of an accidental home birth


It was this time five years ago that I went to bed feeling a few twinges in my belly. I was 38 weeks pregnant with my third baby and I was tired. So tired. Tired to the bone. The kind of tired that you get when it is summer and…