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Ekoworx review

Ekoworx review and GIVEAWAY


I’ve just met my cleaning product of choice for life. You might have seen it on Facebook. Ekoworx is the child of two dads, Adam and Justin, from Bondi Beach. After spotting an awesome commercial cleaning system in Japan, Adam decided to work with the clever UNSW Green Chemistry team….

DIY Easter hat

DIY Easter Hat


Its Easter hat parade time again! DIY paint brand White Knight has collaborated with Brisbane-based wooden décor designers Bear and Sparrow on a craft kit, so parents and kids can together create a lovely hat for Easter, and then even re-use it as a stunning table centrepiece for family meals…

Easy organising tips for your home documents


How many times have you searched your house for that elusive birth certificate or passport or marriage certificate? The one that you placed in a ‘secure place’ so you never forget where it is. Months later, on the rare occasion that you actually need the document, you can’t remember where…

minimalist living

Tips to live a modern minimalist life


You’ve heard about minimalism before. You probably think it’s another hippy new age thing that’s become the latest trend. But there are several case studies naming the different benefits of becoming a minimalist and getting rid of your clutter. Namely, you have less to tidy up, you can find things…

The Sway review

Keep fruit and veggies fresh with The Swag


It is fantastic when someone comes up with a solution for household problems that is also environmentally friendly. The problem: Since buying organic fruits and veggies it frustrates me even more when they end up unconsumed and rotten in the fridge. Because, let’s face it, not all of us have…