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No Pong review


What do you do when your kids’ armpits stink after an active day at school? Not normal deodorant from the shops. You have no idea what chemicals are in them. Deodorants and antiperspirants often have metal in their mixture. Having something safe and all natural, like No Pong can come…

Sipahh milk straws

Review: Sipahh Straws Party Pack


This is a sponsored post for Sipahh Straws It was Mr D’s 4th birthday last week and we celebrated with a fun party at home with his kindy mates. It was a hot day so we had our water slide and inflatable water castle set up, but one of the…

Review: CoolCabana for the summer


Since our beach umbrella broke, I’ve avoided going to the beach as much as possible. I don’t like stewing in the heat of the Aussie sun, plus it’s not advisable anyway especially with the rise of skin cancer in the country. When I saw the ad for CoolCabanas, I was…

My Food Bag: Nude food revolution


Are you like me when it comes to dinner? You take out frozen meat to defrost and then grapple at the end of the day on what to do with the defrosted meat? I have those moments. A lot. Especially when the workload is bad. So when there was a…

Christmas tree decorations

Get your sparkle on with Christmas Kingdom


Apparently December 1 is “the day” to put up your Christmas tree. Personally I think that’s way too late. It’s more like November 1 at our place. And last year I may or may not have put up our tree during the October school holidays. I love putting up our decorations and it…

Audrey and Me

Beautiful baby accessories from Audrey and Me


When you have your first baby it’s so easy to get carried away and go crazy buying baby paraphernalia. It’s a whole new world of shopping and it’s all so adorable. But with every child you have your list of requirements gets smaller and smaller until by your third or fourth…

Educational toys for kids


If you have young kids, you know how hard it is to navigate the toy aisle without there being tears or a few unplanned purchases. And trying to sneakily shop for Christmas or birthday presents with kids in tow takes extreme ninja-like stealth. Thank goodness for online shopping! This Christmas I’m doing my best…

Alcatel Onetouch Pixi (7) Tablet review


Do you find your kids use your smartphone or tablet more than you do? Between my daughter watching “Let It Go” over and over and over again, my youngest son watching YouTube clips of people opening Kinder Surprises and my older two playing games, I hardly get a look in. Enter ALCATEL…