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Kids craft: Easy DIY cardboard stampers


In my role as parent and early childhood educator I firmly believe that play experiences for children should be easy to set up, budget friendly and provide an opportunity to explore and get messy. I love making my own kids craft resources from bits and pieces we have around the…

Motherhood quote

Finding the perfect child care centre


I’ve been battling with the decision on whether or not to return to the corporate workforce for the past year. For me, it really comes down to more money versus more time with the kids. What I really wanted was something in the middle: just enough money, but more time at home…

Coping with kids when you’re sick


When you’re a parent, it’s inevitable that every now and then you will get sick. Whether it’s a migraine, the flu or mastitis, your kids still need you. The demands are still there. You’re still going to need to wipe bottoms, pack lunches and be there for them. Like they say, you…