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7 lessons I've learned whilst running my first marathon

7 lessons I learned whilst running my first marathon


Running a marathon is one of those things that sits on one’s bucket list. My life list also includes bungee jumping, seeing the aurora borealis, admiring the polar bears from a very safe distance and petting a unicorn. Last Sunday, I finally ticked “marathon running” off my list. It was…

Exercising solo: 5 great workouts to do alone


Are you one of those people who prefer to exercise solo? You’re actually not alone. There are various reasons why people prefer their own company when exercising. It may be that you’re too self-conscious to be in a group, or you are uncertain about what to do at the gym,…

5 fitness ideas for busy mums


Remember when your own mum used to say ‘there just aren’t enough hours in the day’? As a kid, you probably couldn’t get your head round that. I mean, who needs more than 24 hours each day? Well, now we bet you know exactly how she felt. With 3am feeds,…

5 tips for living a more balanced life


It took me a long time to settle into motherhood. Even now with a four-year-old and a five-year-old it is not very often that I feel totally at ease in this role. Loving is easy, caregiving is hard. When I miss my pre kid life and feel guilty for doing…

Ask Her: How to get your mojo back


Editor’s note: Her Collective is opening its doors to questions from all women. It can be about relationships, trauma, love, life, motherhood and more. You can remain anonymous, of course. We promise not to reveal your information. For our first Ask Her column, clinical psychologist Dr Lissa Johnson – who specialises in therapy, treatment,…

Fitted for Work celebrates 10 years of good work


As Fitted for Work celebrates its 10th birthday this week, it also passes the notable milestone of 20,000 women that have been helped through its programs. Fitted for Work provides free services to women facing disadvantage that helps them develop the skills, tools and confidence they need to find and…

My half marathon recap

My SMH half marathon recap. Finally!


It’s been exactly a month since I ran my first half marathon!!! That went quick!!! I have the actual certificate to prove the I ran it. Behold! I have photographic and videographic proofs too! That’s the Hubster who patiently paced me throughout the whole ordeal thing. He’s a good guy that one. Think…

5 tips for staying motivated through winter


Amy Giannotti is a dietitian, sports dietitian, personal trainer, creator of “Amy’s Grains” and is about to open the doors of her café, “The Home of Nutrition”. After just a year in the sport, Amy has also qualified for the Australian Age Group Triathlon Team where she will compete at…