minimalist living

Tips to live a modern minimalist life

You’ve heard about minimalism before. You probably think it’s another hippy new age thing that’s become the latest trend. But there are several case studies naming the different benefits of becoming a minimalist and getting rid of your clutter. Namely, you have less to tidy up, you can find things…

raspberry recipes

Three Raspberry recipes: jello, jam and sangria

Its almost the season for raspberries, but frozen raspberry is easy to get any time of the year so you can make these yummy raspberry recipes anytime of the year: one for the kids – raspberry jelly; one for you – raspberry vodka sangria; and one for the family –…

Good Green Box review

Good Green Box Review

At the beginning of this year, one of my new year’s resolutions was to change my cosmetics and skin care products to all natural. It was something I started doing for my daughter and decided to continue with me. The problem with this change is that I didn’t want to…

The Sway review

Keep fruit and veggies fresh with The Swag

It is fantastic when someone comes up with a solution for household problems that is also environmentally friendly. The problem: Since buying organic fruits and veggies it frustrates me even more when they end up unconsumed and rotten in the fridge. Because, let’s face it, not all of us have…

gluten free marble cake

Gluten free marble cake the whole family will love

This gluten free marble cake is great for parties. It is pretty and easy to make, but look complicated. However if you look at my method below, you will discover that marble cakes aren’t that complicated afterall. A common mistake people make is to assume that, if it’s gluten and wheat free,…

sweet cheesy brioche

Sweet cheesy brioche recipe

Sweet and cheesy bread is something of a weakness of mine. So I thought what if I placed that in a brioche? What would a sweet cheesy brioche be like? Delicious. My Sweet Cheesy Brioche Ingredients: 1 pack shredded cheese 130 ml milk 11 g dry yeast 3 egg yolks 2…

sneaking duck review

Sneaking Duck review and exclusive reader discount

What do parents need as we get older (that we sometimes don’t normally welcome)? Eye glasses. When we start squinting at books and computers, we realise we need some help from a good pair. But there are heaps out there that make us look even older that we should be….

chocolate brioche recipe

Yummy chocolate brioche

Did someone say chocolate? And brioche? Together? Yes, this chocolate brioche recipe is a little decadent so make sure you make it when there are a lot of people around so you don’t eat it all yourself! Chocolate Brioche Recipe Ingredients: 1 jar of chocolate spread (Nutella or Coco Harvest)…

easy no sugar mango jelly

Easy no sugar mango jelly

Looking for a healthy dessert or snack for the little ones? Or even just for yourself! This great-for-the gut no sugar mango jelly is a great treat for the whole family. Very easy to make too! Ingredients: 1 cup mangoes (frozen or fresh) 1 cup organic milk (or cream) Rice…