About Us

Her Collective is a fresh, fun and fabulous lifestyle site talking about all the things that matter most in a mum’s life.

Its all about life as a mum, and making sure you have a life as a mum too.

It has been created for parents looking for inspiration on how to make their lives a little easier and a whole lot lovelier.

Our categories cover everything we think most mums could relate to:

  • Have Fun: Can you remember life before kids? Here’s your chance to escape the everyday for just a little while. Be it a moment’s indulgence, reading some great chick lit or having a romantic night in, we’ll bring you the best ideas for taking time out from the everyday, to have some grown-up fun, reclaim your mojo and get your groove on.
  • Be Fabulous: As a mum you spend so much time looking after your children you often forget to look after yourself, and lose sight of your own passions. Here we will share hints and tips on making the most of your kid-free time, rediscovering what it means to be you and being the absolute best version of yourself.
  • Life Happens: There’s nothing wrong with craving a little me time. You may feel overwhelmed with daily life, or feel like you’ve lost a bit of yourself since having kids. Our aim in this section is to offer a whole range of content to help you get back on track no matter what life throws at you.
  • Happy Family: Being a parent is the best job in the world. Although sometimes it can be quite daunting. In this section, we have a whole range of content to help you look after your growing family – from toddlers to teens, baby bundles to Tweens. This will include parenting insights, family stories and loads of handy tips on caring for all the little (and not so little) people in your life. With ideas for creating fun family memories thrown in too.
  • Glorious Food: Do you struggle to come up with meal ideas that the kids will actually eat? Here we are sharing simple ideas for school lunchboxes and family dinners, as well as tips on getting more fruit and veggies in your diet.
  • Her Getaways: There’s nothing like spending quality time with your kids so we’ll also explore a whole range of fun and practical things that the whole family can do together – from family holidays to our favourite ideas for big days out.
  • Her Home Struggling to control the chaos now you’ve got kids? Is your home less ‘Home Beautiful’ and more ‘Toy Explosion’ than you would like? You’re definitely not alone. And who could blame you? In this section, we’ll be sharing tips and inspiration on home central stuff like keeping on top of the housework, the fine art of decluttering, home decorating, DIY and much more.
  • Her Finds There’s nothing like having someone else do all the hard work for you, and that’s what this section is all about. We’ll be posting reviews of the things we like, and the things that make life a little easier and a little lovelier. Everything we post about here will be road-tested by us, so you’ll be getting real insight from real mums. And sometimes real kids too. We’ve got nine of them between us, aged from two up to 20.