Want a Unique Hens Night? Consider These Great Hens Night Themes

Posted on: October 9, 2020, by :

Sure, a hens night in sydney can just be a night on the town where you grab some drinks, dance, and head to a revue show that will have you cheering (and fibbing to your grandma about what you did over the weekend); but you can also create at truly memorable hens night by adopting a unique theme instead. A unique hens night party theme will make the night special for everyone involved! If you want a unique hens night, you should consider the following hens night themes.

Pirates on the Town

Arr! Who doesn’t love an adventure on the high seas? For this theme, make everything pirated related! Have the hens night guest dress up as pirates, create some rum-based pirate theme cocktails, pass out eye patches and pretend parrots and practice your best Jack Sparrow impression.

Disney Princess

A Disney Princess theme is perfect if the ladies attending the hens night want to indulge in some princess nostalgia. Everyone can pick a Disney Princess to “be” that night–make sure the future bride gets first dibs, of course–and then show up in full costume! Buy or bake princess themed treats and make sure everything is as sparkly as possible.

Granny Night

Time to break out the fake wrinkles! If the ladies attending the hens night are up for a bit of fun, they can turn forward the clock by dressing up as grannies. Oversized glasses, colorful mumus, and grey wigs should be the “dress code” for this themed hens night. Create “old” themed cocktails and play games themed around grannies and old age.

Pajama Party

It’s probably been some time since you’ve had a slumber party, which is why this theme is going to be a treat for the ladies attending this hens night. For this theme, dial up the pajama party nostalgia factor: have everyone wear cozy pjs, do each others makeup and hair, tell scary stories around a flashlight, and break out the pizza and popcorn. Bonus if you make it a real sleepover!

White Gown Night

If the future bride chose a white gown for her wedding, she’ll be the only one wearing white on the big day–so why not throw a “white gown night” and let everyone join in on the fun? For this theme, you can choose to go clubbing, drinking or whatever you’d normally do on a traditional hens night… with the added twist that you’ll all be dressed up in white princess gowns! Have fun with hair, makeup and go out all to make yourselves feel grand.

1920s Theme

The roaring 20s are a perfect them for a hens night! Get dressed up in your best “Gatsby” style dresses, bring out the long strings of pearls, and indulge in some 1920s inspired cocktails and food for a truly retro party.

If you’re looking for a unique hens night party theme, don’t forget to consider the above unique themes!