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Did our quiz get it right? Have we accurately predicted the type of hen party guest you might be? Whatever the case may be, a hen party can be a memorably fun gathering of friends. Take a moment to enjoy a close look at the types of guests you might find at a cheeky hen party.


Celebratory toast at midnight? Check! Fun at the beach? Check! Group excursion to the nearest fun park? Check!

Fun doesn’t happen on accident! Every group needs an activities director fill the day or weekend with amazing memory making activities. That’s the job of the activities director. She’ll make sure that everyone has fun by packing the event with memorable things to do.


She’ll come to the hen party in her slinkiest outfit. The first thing she’ll ask about is the male entertainment. When it comes time for the main attraction, you can expect her to be front and center, cheering on the entertainment, and possibly trying to take a few naughty candids with her mobile.

The great thing about the flirtatious one is that she’ll get everyone excited about the entertainment. Just keep a close eye on her, she’s not above sneaking away from the group for a bit of one on one entertainment of her own.


You have seven bridesmaids, one four seater car, and the maid of honor is arriving by plane an hour before the party starts. You need meals and snacks for one vegan, the bride’s cousin who’s doing Keto, and two people who are allergic to fruit. How do you pull off an amazing hen party with all of these complexities?

Just leave it up to the organizational powerhouse. She’ll create an itinerary, and ensure that everyone is exactly where they need to be at any given time. Leave the planning to her, and not one solitary detail will be left unsettled.


If it isn’t Instagram worthy did it really happen? Let’s face it, it’s fun to share hen party pictures on Facebook and other social media platforms.the only problem is that nobody wants to disrupt their fun to share awesome pictures and video online. Well, everyone except the social media director.

You can count on her to capture the best, most memorable, and most embarrassing moments of the night. You can also count on her to share all of these on social media. yes, you may find some of the pictures a bit cringe-worthy in the morning, but you’ll be glad she captured such an amazing time.


Sentimental Sally just loves everybody so much. She’s so happy that everyone got together. The bride is so beautiful, the wedding’s going to be amazing and well *sniff* *sob*, she’s just feeling a little bit emotional. You might have to give her a moment to get it together.

Yes, sentimental Sally is crying again. That’s okay. She’s not a downer oh, she’s just a touch emotional and really sentimental. It’s a good thing she came, because she reminds everybody how special these moments really are.


Anyone up for dancing on a table, or breaking into the hotel pool for post midnight skinny-dipping? Well, if you weren’t already, the wild one will convince you shortly. She is full of crazy, naughty ideas, most of which are alcohol-fueled.

be careful when the wild one in the social media director spend too much time together. The wild one will busily come up with wacky plans while the social media director plots to record them for posterity
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Do you see yourself in one of these hen party personas? Or, are you a different type altogether? Try the quiz above if you haven’t already and share you results with your other hens! Take a look around at the next hen party you attend. Maybe you’ll recognize some of the people on this list. Better yet, take a look at the hens night ideas we offer and see if you can get some time of your own with the Magic Men.