Hens Night Party Games You Won’t Want to Miss

Posted on: October 9, 2020, by :

A hens night party can be a fantastic time to get together, drink, dance–and celebrate the bride-to-be and her upcoming marriage. One of the most exciting aspects of any hens night party is the ability to indulge in games that will have everyone laughing until their sides hurt. If you are looking for some fun hens night party games that will keep things lively, consider the following games you definitely won’t want to miss.

Hen Party Truth or Dare

Truth or dare isn’t a game that many people play as adults, but there’s no better time to indulge in an old fashioned game of truth or dare than a hen’s night party! Make sure to keep the dares safe and respectful of people around you but other than that, have fun!

Bride-to-Be True or False

“True or False” is a fun game where you list facts about someone and then guess whether or not they are true or false. This game can be played at a hen’s night party with a little twist: making all of the true and false facts about the bride-to-be! Whoever has the most accuracy regarding what’s true (and what’s not) can win a prize. Or a drink!

Hen’s Party Bingo

Bingo is associated with old ladies, but you can spice it up by having the bingo squares related to more hen’s party appropriate words and topics. Depending on the group of ladies at the hen’s party, these can be particularly spicy and adult–or you can keep them a bit more tame if the night won’t be as wild.

Makeup Name–Or Adult Film Title?

This fun game has the players guess whether or not a word or phrase is the name of a piece of makeup (such as a lipstick or nail polish)–or if it’s the name of an adult film. With the absolutely ridiculous beauty product names that you might find in today’s world, this can be a tricky game.

You could also modify this game to “adult film star names” rather than film titles. For instance, a current NYX lipstick collection has names such as Strawberry Daiquiri, Whipped Caviar, and Sweet Pink!

Never Have I Ever

You probably haven’t played “Never Have I Ever” in quite some time, but a hens night game party wouldn’t be complete without this fun drinking game. Make sure to tailor the questions to the group that will be attending!

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are fun for all ages, and they can be an exciting way to spend a hens night! You can tailor the items on the scavenger hunt to your hens night schedule; for instance, if you’ll be heading out to a bar, have some bar items (like freebie coasters) on the list.

Remember to keep the above game ideas in mind for your next hens night!