6 Ways to Liven Up a Hens Party

Posted on: October 9, 2020, by :

Hens parties can be fun and exciting–as long as you know how to truly liven them up. If you want to have a fun, unforgettable hens night that will be one everyone’s mind for weeks (at least!) then you should consider the following 6 ways you can liven up a hens party with ease.

Hire an adult entertainer

An adult male entertain can definitely liven things up quick! Hiring an adult entertainer to come and dance, strip, and generally make things wild and exciting is a surefire way to throw a hens party for the record books.

Head to a show

You can also head to a male stripper revue show or similar show that will get everyone cheering, jumping and having a great time. Make sure you book tickets in advance!

Make up your own hens party themed cocktails

A little drinking can help everyone loosen up, while livening up your party in the process. To make it more fun, create some themed cocktails that everyone can enjoy before the main event. Cocktails themed around famous men, popular movies, or anything else that you know the bride-to-be enjoys are ideal. Don’t forget little straws and umbrellas for added fun!

Pump up the music

Music is always a great choice when it comes to livening up a hens party! Get the music pumping, and everyone will soon be dancing (and jumping) in earnest. Music, dancing and hens parties go hand-in-hand, so don’t be afraid to turn up the speakers. If you aren’t staying home for the hens party, try going somewhere (such as a popular dance club) that will be playing plenty of great music everyone can dance to all night long.

Play games to loosen everyone up

Games can be wild and crazy at a hens party, as long as you know how to pick the right ones. There are plenty of “saucy” games that will have everyone laughing all night long, such as adult themed “never have I ever,” adult themed “truth or dare,” or plenty of adult novelty games you can find at a local adult novelty shop. Loosening everyone up is a great way to help people feel closer together–and help people enjoy the hens night to the fullest.

Go out on the town

Going out on the town is a great way to have a lively hens night party. Going out on the town will give you the chance to get something to eat, something to drink–and then find clubs or bars where you can dance the night away. Look for lively nightlife spots where you can have fun simply walking around from place to place.

Remember, if you plan on drinking at all during the hens party, you’ll need to be prepared for safe transportation! Pre-arrange transportation with a driving service or make sure that everyone has a pre-arranged drive home after the hens night festivities. For more read our 101 hens night Sydney guide.