5 Things You Can Learn About Bridesmaids and Bachelorette Parties from ‘Bridesmaids the movie’

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The movie Bridesmaids was a popular comedy which focused on a group of women who were joined together as Bridesmaids before the wedding of their friend. The film was hilarious and surprisingly sentimental; the film can also teach people a lot about life and in particular, the experience of bridesmaids as a whole. The following are 5 things you can learn about being a bridesmaid from this popular comedic film.

It’s important to check in with the maid of honor about how she’s doing

The show’s main character, Annie, finds herself in over her head as the maid of honor due to the expense and amount of stress involved in planning bridesmaid events. For this reason, it is important for the bride as well as the other bridesmaids to check in with the maid of honor to see how she is doing–and to check if she may need help.

Make sure there is a set budget for bridesmaid dresses and other expenses

One of the major factors that causes Annie to become overwhelmed in the film is the expense related to being a bridesmaid. In one scene, she is suddenly expected to spend almost $1000 on a bridesmaid dress–when her budget was closer to $100. It is important for there to be a set budget or expenses, such as bridesmaid dresses, bachelorette parties, travel and trips, and so on. This way, no one becomes overwhelmed with the expectation to spend a lot of money.

Don’t expect everyone to get along perfectly

 Not everyone in a bridesmaid group is going to be best friends or get along perfectly. In the film, viewers can see how Annie and the other bridesmaids conflict with each other which eventually causes a rift in Annie’s friendships. This may have been avoided if the bride-to-be had noticed the animosity between Annie and Helen earlier on and addressed it, rather than assuming they would become close friends simply due to being bridesmaids.

It’s important not to assume that everyone will want to act like BFFs; at the same time, however, make sure there are clear expectations of cordiality. If there are any signs of tensions, it’s important to address them and clear the air before they get overwhelming.

Bachelorette parties need to be affordable–or money needs to be pooled to keep expenses down

One of these  films’ most hilarious scenes is the scene where the Bridesmaids are heading to Vegas for the bachelorette party. However, and he does not have the money for a trip to Vegas–she originally wanted to head up to a free cabin and spend the weekend. She was able to barely scrape together money for a coach ticket, whereas everyone else in the bridesmaids group bought First Class tickets. Annie being in the coach section led to her being scared, alone–and eventually taking medication and whisky which caused her to spiral out of control. This could have been avoided if Annie had been sitting up with the other women. From this scene, people can learn that bachelorette parties need to be affordable for everyone in the group to indulge equally; and if they aren’t, money should be pooled together so that everyone pays a little less in the end.

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