Hens Night Brisbane Venues, Packages and ideas

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Let’s Start with a hens night Check List.

1. Who’s Coming?? 

  • Make a list and don’t forget to run it past the Bride!! You might not want to invite her 2nd cousin’s niece’s friend, but she probably will!

‘Who’s Coming’ might affect the “Where are you going and What are you doing” part of the plan!!)

Don’t forget that if the Brides Mother is going to be sat next to the Bride then she might not want to play “I Have Never” or “Flash her underwear to the room” as part of a Dare Cards Game…

BUT, this does not mean that you can’t have fun!!

  • Put a little thought into who’s likely to join the party and make the night/event suitable – that’s the key to a truly successful Hen Night! (See No. 2 for more help on planning what to do!)

Hey, you can always plan 2 separate celebrations… A meal with the nearest and dearest, followed by a Wild Night out with the girls!

  • Send out your Hen Party Invitations ASAP! Get definite numbers on who’s coming so you can get booking your venue early if you need to!

2. Where are You Going & What are You Doing?! 

This all comes down to 2 very boring words – Budget and Time. Ergh.

  • Think about when you want to have the Hen Party (if it’s next week then it’s unlikely that you’ll get a group of 8 to New York for a reasonable price!) but if you plan in advance you could get some good deals.
  • Scout around on the internet for Group Discounts and Last-Minute special offers. (OR! Check out our Blog for Hen Party ideas!)
  • Let us inspire you with our list of super fun Hen Night Activities to suit all your girly needs!
  • Make sure the Hens and the Bride know if they need to bring anything with them; a change of clothes, props, presents, wine, Hen Night Fancy Dress Costumes?!

3. When are you going to do it?? 

  • Make sure you have enough time to contact everyone that you want to invite – you might have to do a bit of Facebook stalking to contact some of the brides friends that you’re not so close to!
  • Pick a date in advance so it’s more likely that everyone will be free. (Make sure it’s before the Wedding!!)

TIP: If you’re more flexible with your dates then you might be able to save a bit of money, especially with things like flights!

  • Make sure that everyone has a Contact Number for the organiser of the Hen Party – you don’t want to leave any little Hens behind!!
  • Speaking of getting left behind… If you know that you’re going to be playing a few Hen Night Dares and Games then you might want to pre-book a taxi or lift home!

TIP: Our Drunk and Disorderly Labels are perfect for attaching to your wandering Hens:


Yes, it can be stressful trying to please everybody, but the whole point of the Hen Night is to let your hair down with girls! As long as the Bride is happy everyone else will fall into line.

So! Double check that everything is booked an looking good, then get your Willy Head Boppers on and go have fun!


5. Record Your Happy Memories!

So, It’s the Morning After The Night Before… You’ve woken up in your Hen Night Fancy Dress with the hangover from hell and a Willy Shot Glass Necklace round your neck…

It’s time to face up to the actions of last night! Did you really dance on the table, drink from a Pink Willy Straw and become BFFs with the Mother of the Groom?! Most likely.

But no doubt the photos will help you remember!! Frame your favourite moments in our gorgeous Hen Night Pink Diamante Photo Frame

Hens Night Ideas For Brisbane

Planning a Hen Night and need some inspiration??

Firstly check out: http://barenights.com.au/hens-night-brisbane-packages-ideas-and-venue-hire/
We’ve put together some of our most popular themes for any Girly Night Out!

Male Strippers or Male strip Club!! Go See Magic men you will not forget it:

NEON NIGHTS – Get glowing in this bright and colourful fancy dress!

Hen Party Idea 1: Make a Rainbow!
Give each girl a different colour to wear and get them head to toe in neon wear. This look is totally eye catching and will make a great photo opp…

Hen Party Idea 2: Colour Clash!!
Get inspired by our Girly Night Out girls and clash your colours! Each Hen could wear the same colour tshirt so that you have a unified look, but then take it to the extreme with your accessories! Let each girl put their own twist on the outfit by accessorising with Neon Headbands, Leg Warmers and Jewellery… Go colour crazy with your neon accessories!

Neon Tutus – Neon Fancy Dress – Girly Night Out

Top Hen Party Tip: A Tutu can easily be slipped on over tights or leggings and is a great starting point for any Fancy Dress costume!
Why not re-use yours as part of your Halloween Costume or for different themed nights – Rock Star, Ballerina, Sailor… the options are endless!

HORNY DEVILS – Get ready for a Wild night out… There’s some horny devils about!

One of the most popular and ‘traditional’ Hen Night Themes has to be the Horny Devils! There’s no need to go all shy and retiring just because one of your lady friends is getting married?! Make the most of the Bride’s last night of freedom with a sexy devil Costume!

LOOK SEN-SASH-IONAL! – Hen Party Sashes

Hen Party Tip: Get matching sashes!! No ones wants the Mother of the Bride complaining that the Mother of the Grooms sash flashes and hers doesn’t… (Yikes!) Avoid any disputes by getting all your girls a similar style!

Hen Party Tip: Pick a colour theme and stick to it! Red, white, black, pale pink, hot pink… Pick your fave colour and co-ordinate your sashes to the rest of your night.

WALLY GIRLS! – You won’t lose get lost in the crowd with these stripey fancy dress costumes!

If you’re ready for a fun night out then you won’t mind making a wally of yourself! Get the Dare Cards out and let the games begin…
Get matching stripes for your Hens or get a different personalised Tshirt made up for each girl! Take a look at our Wally Girl Costumes for some more ideas!

Hen Party Idea: Create your own tops!
Let the world know who you are and where you come from! Get the Bride To Be Blushing with a private nickname on her T-shirt… Quote her favourite song lyrics or share a private joke! Whatever you decide ot go for, our Personalised TShirts and Vest Tops are a fun and eye catching way of starting your Hen Party – plus they make a great souvenir!

Hen Party Idea: Keep it Simple…
… And choose one of our fabulous templates for your Hen Party! Simply pick which design suits your Hen Party Theme best, and we can personalise it with your chosen name!

WHERE’S WILLY!? – Planning a Naughty Night Out?? You will LOVE these little treats!

Ok, so some people might like a calm relaxing spa day… But if you’re looking at this section then that’s probably not you!!

If you want to give your Bride to Be a night to remember, then throw her a Hen Night in true Hen Style with some Willy Hen Party Accessories!
For complete and utter Hen Night mayhem, you can choose from hilarious Willy Head Boppers , themed Hen Party Games and even cheeky Willy Straws – one of our Best Sellers!!

Willy Hen Party Theme – Girly Night Out

Hope you have a ‘Willy’ good night with our Willy Hen Party Accessories!

FANTASTIC METALLICS – Add a little sparkle to your Hen Night with some blinging Hen Night Fancy Dress!

There is sooooo much that you can do with this theme! Call us magpies, but it has to be one of our faves here at Girly Night Out HQ…

Hen Party Idea: Extra Terrestrial
Is your Bride to Be’s love for her hubby just “out of this world”?! Well take a leaf out of Katy Perry’s style book and go for sexy Sci-Fi! Our metallic leggings will look amazing as part of a space themed fancy dress. Simply complete your look with extreme make up… We’re thinking full on false lashes, neon eye shadow and of course some sparkly face diamonds.

Top Hen Party Tip! Don’t end your Hen Party Theme at your outfits… Create Space themed cocktails in magical colours!

Hen Party Idea: Rockin Robots
Yes, if your Bride is known for her outlandish dance moves then this is the Hen Party theme for you! Don’t forget to organise one hell of a dance off at the end of the night!

(Also great for fans of the Wizard of Oz… Yes, your Tin Lady really does have a heart! Hurrah!)

PERSONALISED MASKS – Get your lovely Brides face printed onto a Mask and wear them with pride!

These fab face masks are made to order, all you need to do is send us in a picture of your gorgeous Bride to Be and we’ll do the rest for you! Make sure the lady in question knows the Hen Night is all about her by wearing her face on a mask!

OR! Why not get masks made up with the Grooms face on?! Remind that naughty Bride that she needs to behave on her Hen Night… There are eyes and ears everywhere!

BARMY ARMY – Go commando! Ok Ladies, it’s your night and your rules….

Make sure everyone stays in line on your Hen Night with some seriously sexy Army Fancy Dress! We have full Army costumes for you to create your own ‘Hen Army’ or simply accessorise a fab Army Tutu.

What About Hens games and Venues?

“Get the party started on a Saturday Night…”
But especially on your Hen Night!

If your Hen Party includes a group of girls who may not know each other very well, then what better way to break the ice and cause a riot on your Hen Night then with some fun, girly games??

Choosing the right games can be stressful for the Hen Party organiser… If there will be parents involved then it’s quite likely that the Bride will want the ground to swallow her uup if you ask her to start revealing her deepest secrets or tales from the bedroom (Cringe!) On the other hand, if you’re on a wild Ibiza Hen Party then with your nearest and dearest, then you probably won’t have time for arts and crafts?!

We’ve put together a range of fun Hen Party games for a variety of Hen Party events.

Guess Who?

Girls! Gone are the days when you had to stick a Post-Its on your forehead and ask Who Am I?! Now you can use our fun Celebrity masks to play this game! (Wow!)

Simply dish out a Celebrity Mask to each girl (don’t let anyone see which Celebrity they have) and get each player to guess which Celebrity they are!

Rules fo the game:

– Take it in turns to ask a question
– You have 20 questions to guess your Celeb with.
– You can only ask questions that can be answered with a Yes or a No!!
– The last person to guess which celebrity face they are wearing is the LOSER and should probably be made to do some kind of forfeit

* Anybody caught cheating should be introduced to the Bag of Forfeits! (See below)

Other Traditional Hen Party Games include:

– Tips Jar – All Hens write down their advice and tips for Happily Married life and put them in a Jar for the Bride to read at the end of the night!

– Beautiful Bride Poem – Hens split into different teams and have 20 minutes to come up with a Poem for the Bride that will include advice for the Big Day, a Happy Home and anything else you want to put in!! The best poem wins a prize.

– Pass the Bouquet – The Wedding version of Pass The Parcel! Take away a flower (and a girl) every time the music stops! Prize for the winner!

– Can of Dates – Every guest puts a cute idea for a “Date Night” into the Tin – Let the love blossom!

Willy Hoopla –

Yes, we know that it isn’t practical to take Monopoly with you on your night out… So we’ve come up with some more convenient (and fun!) options!

Ladies, we introduce you to….. the Willy Hoopla Hen Party Game!

Willy Hoopla Party Game

That’s right, measuring approximately 6 inches, this fun game should fit right into your handbag so you can surprise your Bride at the last minute!

With 6 hoops included everyone can have a go! Losers should be made to do a forfeit!

.Dare Cards –

Pick a card any card… If you Dare! These nifty little cards are easily transportable so you can bring them out without your Bride knowing!! Shuffle the pack and Pick A Card Any Card…. Do you Dare to do what the dare cards tell you?!

Hen Night Dare Cards

Anyone who doesn’t play by the rules will have to do a forfeit….


Write your own forfeits and keep them in a handy little bag. Anyone who loses a game / fails to do their dare / gets caught talking to their bloke on the phone… can risk The Bag of Forfeits or do a shot!

What will you choose to do??

Make sure your Hens have Shot Glasses to hand by dishing out these fun Hen Night Shot Glass Necklaces

With several different ‘names’ to choose from including Hot Stuff and Boozy Floozie, pick the shot glass that fits your Hens personality!

Drinking Games:

Have You Ever?

Line up the Shots and bring out a pack of cards… It’s about to get messy! “Have You Ever” played drinking games on a Hen night?? If you have you’ll know that they are a fun and quick way of kicking off some totally girly group bonding!

Cat got your tongue?! If you want some ideas then just take along our Have You Ever Hen Night Drinking Game:

Have You Ever Hen Night Drinking Game

With shot glasses and spinner board included, who knows what juicy gossip you might find out…..

Have fun girls – drink sensibly and please do not hold us responsible for any regrets you may have the morning-after!

Looking for more? visit out hens night Sydney blog.